Wellness Day Fest 2018

On Saturday, September 15th, we kicked off our month of wellness by hosting our inaugural Wellness Day Fest. The day was packed with activities focused on physical and mental wellness. The day kicked off with meditation and yoga by Carla Jian, a multi-faceted wellness maven with over 10 years of experience in health and fitness. Carla set the tone by creating space for us to release outside stress while opening ourselves up to positive intentions for the day ahead.  After a peaceful start to our morning, we paused for a “shop and ship” hour with breakfast catered by KitchFix and Limitless Coffee and booths set up by some of our favorite vendors: Eye Indigo, Zenevate and Laura Leigh Bean Designs. 

The session following the AM unwinding featured amazing insight on brain, body & spirit by Dr. Julia DiGangi. As a medical and fitness professional, Dr. DiGangi brought a unique perspective to mind-body wellness. We dove into understanding the impact of stress on the brain and vice a versa. This was an extremely interesting session and again, another reminder of how vital it is to take a moment to reset. 


The groups’ vibes were high heading into the afternoon as we refueled with fresh salads by Sweetgreen. Armed with knowledge about our physical and mental well being (and full bellies), we rolled into community dialogue about personal challenges and experiences in business and life. Our fireside chat was moderated by Amanda Chin, our Head of Growth. The chat featured Maya Bach, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; Priya Lakhi, a channeled energy healer, yogi, and founder of Awaken Ananda; and Alisha Bradley, Lifestyle Coach and founder of Refind You. These women offered an amazing flow of conversation and varying perspectives on how to break negative patterns living in our everyday lives.  



“Patterns can be deeply entrenched within our subconscious mind. And they can be pretty hard to change if we’re not even aware of them, right? What’s really important to remember is that our patterns are only a part of our personal reality. We are so much more than just a belief. The first step is proactive awareness. What is the self-destructive pattern(s) that no longer empowers me? Then we try to identify the cause that triggers the patterns. Not by whipping ourselves with guilt and pain, but by really getting down to the root of the thought in the first place. Root cause is always the way to healing the pattern. The transition from self-hurting to self-caring is part of the journey to true freedom.” 

-Priya Lakhi, Awaken Ananda 

Following the fireside chat was an empowering panel discussion hosted by our founder, Alicia Driskill. This panel focused on creating a business from your passion featuring Andrea Wise, founder of Ascend; Jeana Anderson, founder and CEO of A Sweat Life; Cat Aldana, founder of Eat Stretch Nap;  and Jillian Lorenz, co-founder of Barre Code. This panel dug into the very real and raw struggles of being a female founder; how the journey wasn’t always pretty but well worth it. 


“What does it take to follow your passion? On this panel at EvolveHer, these ladies talked about where passion meets purpose, asking for help and how sometimes doing your own thing is lonely 😩. All these ladies talked about hustling hard and learning from your mistakes. In life and in fitness - you’ve got to fail a little to get stronger. #livingasweatlife”

-Jeana Anderson, A Sweat Life 


We wrapped our day with a “Let That Sh*t Go” meditation led by Cat Aldana of Eat, Stretch, Nap. The meditation was a perfect bow on top of the wellness day and a reminder to release all things that do not serve us. 

And that’s a wrap! The EvolveHer team is extremely grateful for our speakers, partners and attendees. We loved spending time with each and every one of you and continuing to learn about the stories of the women who come through the space. We appreciate everyone’s support at our first Wellness Day Fest. We are armed with feedback and more ideas for the next one. See you there!




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