Together We Rise

Last Tuesday we hosted a pop-up at evolveHer to launch the Chicago Chapter of Together Live. The purpose of this event was to bring together a diverse group of women to celebrate our 2017 successes in life and to brainstorm areas of importance for the group, so we could identify a joint mission to focus on together in 2018.

What an amazing night... I was blown away by the women who showed up on Tuesday. In reference to one of my favorite authors Brene Brown - "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." For those of you who aren't familiar with Brene, she challenges women to be vulnerable, present and courageous. 

These women did just that... Our group of women ranged from 22-55, but age was irrelevant. Job titles were irrelevant. We sat in a circle as one. As one group of women who had a focused intention, joint purpose and one major thing in common. We all realize that we are stronger together and that impact happens when there is unity in a tribe. We have the power to collectively make change and the opportunity to lift each other up. Together We Rise.

Our next meeting will be held in late January and will feature a panel of women involved in Chicago's political scene to discuss the gender gap at a local level and how we can narrow this divide. 

I invite you to join us at the next event, more details to come... #strongertogether



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