Promoting Empathy in the Workplace

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The Art of Soul Care

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Shape Up Your Space

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Is Breathing the New Power Pose?

Take a moment to acknowledge the power of your breath. From projecting over a crowd at a noisy networking event to helping you release a long sigh...

Find Your Voice, Use it & Be Heard

When it comes to life and work, it can be challenging for some of us to speak up. For some, it’s a struggle to be heard. Speaking up and being heard...

Nourish Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy. It’s something as women that we rarely think seriously about until we are ready, but something we should prepare for well before we are...

Intuitive Eating: Is It Right for You?

Intuitive eating – sounds like another fad, right? Actually, no. Unlike flash-in-the-pan diets, intuitive eating is a concept that relies on basic...

I’m a Working Mom and I Don’t Balance It All

As a woman entrepreneur, wife and mom to two little boys, the question I am probably asked the most is “How do you balance being a working mom.” And...

Shape-Up Your Space

At the end of a long day, it may be tempting to reach for our favorite foods without giving it a second thought. From chocolate-covered cookies to a...

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