Rising to the Top: Hispanic Women Leading us into the New Culture of Advertising

“Ser Humilde”

Rising to the top: Hispanic Women in Advertising, was not a just about panelists talking about their role in the companies they work, or how and why they decided to go into advertising but rather a movement in the advertising world. Each panelist, along with the guest speaker, Dolores A. Kunda, talked about the hardships in overcoming difficulties in advertising and opening doors for women of the next generation. Throughout the questioner, the panelists and guest speaker addressed how the culture in advertising is changing along with how the days of women being overlooked because of their gender and ethnicity is coming to an end. One of the most memorable pieces of information Dolores A Kunda provided was how she founded Lapiz, which is part of the advertising company Leo Burnett. Opportunity. A simple word that would change the cultural structure of Leo Burnett along with a leading woman creating a separate department in one of the most respected advertising agencies in the world, which was lead by a woman at the time, Linda Wolf. The key to seizing opportunity according to Dolores is “speaking to the people who can make it happen, in a language they can understand.” When presenting the idea Dolores made a point to make it known the amount of money that would be made if Lapiz was a separate department in charge of their own projects, own people and no interference. She made a calculation that she presented to management stating that with Lapiz as a separate department it would generate revenue of over two million dollars. Lapiz is now one of the most successful departments in charge of big accounts at Leo Burette and is lead by a women CEO, Luciana Cani. With women supporting women, the days of “ser humilde con nuestras manos cruzadas,” are coming close to end with these women leading us into the new culture of advertising.

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