FemCity Morning Mastermind

At today’s Morning Mastermind Breakfast hosted by FemCity, our members had the opportunity to learn from Marie Hale, co-founder of Chicago marketing agency @Revenue, on “The Art of Avoiding ‘Random Acts of Marketing.’”

Marie shared with us her marketing expertise and passion for small businesses with tips such as how to identify the most profitable parts of our businesses, how much profit to set aside for marketing and how to not spread yourself too thin or as she put it, “coffee yourself within an inch of your life.”


 We rounded out the event with some wise words from the event’s sponsor, Bambi Majumdar founder of Smart Pixies, who spoke on the strength and kindness she finds in her collaboration with other women, saying that with “the love between two women, there is no eroding factor.”

The next Morning Mastermind session with FemCity will be held May 4th, with speaker Megan Harrison presenting on how to “Turn Your Expertise into an Online Course.” Get your tickets here

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