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#BossLady of the Week: Sheridan Horn


Sheridan Horn is Illinois Native who spent the last 4 years living in Dallas, TX. As a certified Pilates Instructor and new to the Chicago area, she helps empower women (and men) daily by showing them what their bodies are capable of and how they can use these capabilities to live their best lives, whether this is to function in daily life without pain or to achieve high athletic ability, she works with each clients individual needs and wants.

Sheridan is teaching Pilates at Ascend located in River North, recently completed her Yoga Sculpt certification through Corepower, loves spending time with her pup and enjoys quality time with her family and friends. As a new member to EvolveHer, Sheridan hopes to connect with women to help them achieve their best lives through Pilates and conversation. She will also be featured as a featured workout instructor once a month in the EvolveHer space. A powerful message she strives to share through her work and life is that the only person you should ever be competing with is yourself. She has learned how truly powerful this is starting at a young age with sports and with having a sister and continuing on in her career. The more she focuses on being better than the person she was yesterday and always striving to do and be better than the limitations she places on herself, the higher her own success and happiness becomes. People who compete with others are bringing themselves down when they could be elevating both themselves and others by challenging only themselves. By challenging and competing with yourself you both make yourself better and elevate those around you.


At EvolveHer, collaboration is our second name and that is why having a #BossLady with the same mindset as a partner is so fabulous. Be sure to connect with Sheridan.

Assertive, Resilient, Real 




  1. Where do you find your peace and balance?

My peace and balance comes from the passion I have for the things that I love. These things mainly include my movement practices, which are Pilates, yoga, running, walking, hiking skiing (pretty much any way I can move my body brings me peace and balance) and also fostering and building on healthy relationships with my friends and family.


  1. What three tools (apps, books, podcasts, etc.) would you recommend to anyone trying to start her own business?

How I Build This by Guy Raz, #GirlBoss the book, iCal


  1. If you could share any wisdom with the EvolveHer community, what would it be? 

Be as kind and patient with yourself as you are to your loved ones. Love yourself and people will show you that same kind of love.


  1. How can we find you? Please list your Instagram handle, website, etc. so our members can find you!



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